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Distribution ChannelPublishing Channel

Accurately And Effectively Satisfied Passengers’ Reading Demands.

Air ChannelAir Channel

Our magazine's circulation is 80,000 copies. Our magazine's coverage of population was 200 Million. Major distribution channel is inside the airports.There are 400 Chinese direct flights to the USA per month.

Industry DeliveryIndustry Delivery

Except airport channel, we also deliver our magazine to the thousands of the Immigration Center, study abroad agencys, overseas propert agencys, travel agencys, it makes our magazine very popular in the outbound...

Targe SchoolTarget Schools

In addition, we have retail distribution channels: 40 international schools in Shanghai, some of high level coffee-shop and office buildings in Beijing and Shanghai,we also hold 8 outbound trade shows every year.

Co-operative Clients

The image display is better than other distribution channels and subscriptions.

"Amazing USA," in addition to the issue of air channels, the monthly regular to the mainland of China nearly a thousand Immigration Center, study abroad intermediary, overseas real estate, travel agencies and other outbound institutions, are well received by the overseas service industry.

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